Why I Use Ghost.org To Prevent Over-engineering My Blog

At the end of the day, your readers are there for your writing, not your flashy technology stack.

Ghost.org Logo
Ghost.org Logo

Over-engineering is something majority of developers are guilty of, including myself. That's why I decided to use Ghost.org for my blogging platform instead of designing, developing and self-hosting a simple blog that displays some articulated words to my readers. At the end of the day, your readers are there for your writing, not your flashy technology stack.

Here's a cool video I saw from Fireship demonstrating over-engineering.

How to OVER Engineer a Website // What is a Tech Stack? - Fireship.io

I believe I could be spending the time I would have spent designing my web-app architecture, actually writing.

Why Ghost.org?

Ghost.org got my attention when I saw the minimalistic look for both the front-end but also the backend, such as the dashboard and article writing section. I love the clean feel to the whole experience as it isn't a cluttered dashboard with no room to think clearly. This platform is a game changer when it comes to creating a dedicated blogging site, and I think I can go so far as to say that it beats WordPress, that's just my opinion though!

Just look how many popular company blogs use Ghost.org to manage all their blogging needs - https://ghost.org/customers/.

If you know some code, you can easily customise the themes to suit your needs, or go crazy and build a complete theme from scratch and why not sell it for some extra cash? This is something I plan on doing in the future, and if you are interested in doing the same here are some good resources I found to get you started:

I found out about Ghost because I am a fan of Ali Abdaal's YouTube channel, and have been an avid viewer over the past few year. I know Ali's website is created in Ghost to provide an easy and secure platform to create and host all of his blogging content.

Chosen Plan

I've decided to go for the Ghost Starter hosting option for $11 monthly (roughly £8.20) to reduce the decision making even more, so I don't have to go off and find an affordable hosting plan. Sure, I will get round to this in the future, but for now this isn't necessary.

I have my eye on Digital Ocean as they seem to be one of the best hosting providers for a Ghost powered blog.

Ghost.org theme development has been getting my attention since i've started using the platform. Could even turn into an extra income stream? The documentation looks great and well laid out in a concise manner.


The Ghost.org CMS allows you to connect to your favourite services and use them on your site via 'integrations'. An integration is their way of saying 'plugin', and there are tons of plug and play integrations to choose from on their integrations library page. Plausible.io which I write about below has a Ghost CMS integration and is super easy to setup!

Analytics Provider

Plausible.io is my chosen analytics tool, due to its GDPR compliant and privacy friendly approach. It also includes only the most popular tools and charts so it's not full of unused features. At £6 a month for up-to 10 thousand monthly visits, it's worth every penny in my opinion.

It will allow me see what articles do well and what doesn't, so I can focus my time on making more content that my readers care about.

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